The Cities Where We Work

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New City Incubation

LINC helps to incubate new organizations in major cities that share a common vision, mission, principles and values.  Each LINC organization is led by an Executive Director who applies LINC's principles in a way that will most effectively reach their own unique city.  


LINC trains pastors and mission leaders in countries around the world to multiply disciples, plant churches and work to impact their communities with the Gospel.  LINC also helps missional leaders to help bridge the gap between the religious, business and political sectors of society so that the Gospel of Jesus can touch more lives.


LINC is currently led by its Interim President Matthew Schultz and Interim CEO Rev. Dominic Rivkin, managed by its staff and governed by its Board of Directors.

If you would like to learn more about our incubation process to begin work in your own city, please contact us.