How LINC Works

How LINC Works

An overview of the programs and systems used to identify, build, and deliver improved communities through local leadership.

We believe that every believer is capable of making an incredible impact for the Kingdom of God in their own community, city and the world.

By the power of the Holy Spirit every follower of Jesus Christ is capable of making a lasting impact for the Kingdom of God in their own community. Multiplying courageous leaders who emerge from the local context, with the goal of launching sustainable ministries in our cities, remains at the core of the LINC Impact Loop.

The process of LINC is to:

  • Engage potential leaders of impact through community outreach efforts.
  • Identify the core qualities of their God-given being and purpose in Christ Jesus.
  • Disciple each in their relationships with God and one another as followers of Jesus.
  • Train leaders to fulfill their calling and live out their missional vocation in the world.
  • Launch and support leaders to plant new ministries, churches and businesses that multiply ministry of maximum kingdom impact.

We seek these outcomes:

  • Identity – each person is embracing their identity as a courageous leader of impact.
  • Relationship – each leader is deepening their relationship with God and others
  • Vocation – each leader is equipped to maximize their unique gifts and calling in life.
  • Impact – each leader is empowered to make an impact in their community, city, and the world.

Program Activities

Engagement – potential leaders are identified through:

  • Outreach and networking
  • Event participation and hosting
  • Meetings, interviews and assessments

Discipleship – engaged leaders are encouraged to participate in small groups in order to build a relationship with God, family, and other Kingdom focused leaders.

  • Discipleship Groups
  • Supportive Groups
  • Growth Groups

Training – discipled leaders are equipped in the knowledge, skills and aptitudes to generate new vocational ministry opportunities.

  • LINC Bible Institute
  • Specific Ministry Development Programs
  • Seminary Cohorts

Launch – trained leaders are empowered to start new ministries, churches and businesses that impact their community with the Gospel.

  • Startup Incubator
  • Fiscal Sponsorship / Affiliation
  • Coaching

Multiplication – launched leaders are engaged to multiply their impact through creating:

  • Local Networks
  • Regional Strategies
  • LINC Locations