Become a LINC City

Become a LINC City

LINC empowers local leaders to impact their communities through the Gospel.

LINC Ministries works in cities across the United States to support local leaders in making their God-given dreams become reality. With LINC, no leader walks alone!

Become a LINC City

Cities like yours are typically struggling to provide urban and ethnically diverse Gospel ministry. Oftentimes, our LC-MS Districts and Congregations are called on to help and there is a deep desire to do so. However, that desire for bold and courageous mission doesn’t come with the knowledge of where to start, the time to do it well, or the expertise to sustain it long term.

LINC Ministries was created just for this purpose…to bundle the support of local stakeholders in your District and Congregations, empower local leaders for Gospel- centered ministry, and continue to walk through the realities of Kingdom work together. LINC Cities are being blessed by new congregations, food distribution sites, a center for victims of human trafficking, mission trips, sober living houses and more.

Is your city the next LINC City?

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