LINC Bible Institute

LINC Bible Institute

Preparing Christian leaders for ministry today.

The LINC Bible Institute is the perfect starting point for community leaders who feel called to serve their brothers and sisters through effective local ministry.


LBI seeks to provide essential ministry preparation giving leaders the tools to achieve their full missional potential regardless of the vocation they have chosen. LBI students come from diverse backgrounds from lay leaders, pastors of congregations, future ministers and missionaries, and even new believers. LBI hopes to broaden the footprint of the Church by preparing leaders with the tools they need to impact the hardest-to-reach places in the city with their lives and the Gospel.


LBI seeks to provide quality, adult-level, Christian education, where learners will be challenged academically, spiritually, and culturally. LBI’s curriculum is a structured program, integrating a variety of disciplines to include Bible, theology, culture, leadership, missions, history, and world religions. LBI’s experienced instructors serve as mentors guiding students to integrate their learning in practical ways in the areas they spend the majority of their life, which includes their communities, schools, and workplaces. Additionally, continuing education through seminars and workshops will be provided in various fields to further prepare leaders with specific ministry challenges.


The diploma provides students a comprehensive learning experience giving learners a solid foundation by which to launch their ministries and carry-out their divine calling. The online classes may be completed at the students’ pace, along with regular meetings with their personal facilitator. Students can also choose to become credentialed ministers through LINC at the completion of the program.


The LINC Bible Institute starts with a comprehensive training on the basic tenants of the Christian faith and how it relates to ministry. During this component of the LINC Bible Institute, community leaders will learn to better understand their identity as it relates to being a follower of Christ and ministry leader, as well as becoming equipped with the tools and resources needed to be effective at leading and inspiring others to join at whatever calling God has put on the heart of the visionary.


After the training concludes, an incubation process starts that offers the leader the support, structure, and leadership needed to begin to understand and apply their vocational training in real life ministry action.


The final component of the LINC Bible Institute ties everything together and prepares the ministry leader for ongoing missional success and impact upon graduation from the LBI program.

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